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couple, family, group

Accompaniment process

Déroulé de l'accompagnement

In no case this form of support does not result in indictment of one of the couple, family or group members.

Conversely, it helps find solutions together to the problems encountered,feed the links and to enrichstories carryingbecomings.

The accompaniment is therefore based on several communication exercises: role-playing, linguistics, discussion around the genogram… 

These sessions bring togethervoluntary and free people to participate, at regular intervals. 

So how does it work ?

I can offer you remote hypnosis support via private videoconferences .

Thus, you carry out your inner explorations in complete safety in the comfort of a place that you choose for you. Remote sessions are just as effective as those done in person and can sometimes even be more powerful.

This is due to the fact that I ask you to wear earphones or headphones.  

You hear my voice in a more intense and encompassing way.

A remote session is exactly like an in-person session .

The processes, support and techniques used are simply adapted for remote hypnosis.

Séances en visio-consultation

Duration and price

Durée et tarif

The couple, family or group support sessionlasts about 1h30and costs120 euros. In the event of financial difficulties, a solidarity rate of 90 euros may be applied.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, PayPal or in cash when the session takes place in person.

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