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Workshop program


The workshop lasts 2 hours.

Workshop location

You will receive the exact location once your reservation has been made.

Number of participants

10 people maximum

Price and rules

€45 per person to be paid by bank transfer or on site in cash.

We will discuss what self-hypnosis is through some theoretical explanations but above all a lot of practical exercises. The goal is that you can address some of the uses you can make of it (preparing for sleep, securing yourself, managing stress).

It is based on the teaching I received at the Center for Hypnosis and Brief Therapy in Paris (CHTIP), on the readings of distinguished professionals and pioneers in the field such as Erickson, Rossi and Roustang, but also on those contemporary hypnotherapists like Antoine Garnier and Jordan Vérot. This workshop is also based on my experience and my daily practice of hypnosis.


Attention !

This introductory workshop is not intended for therapy. It differs from learning self-hypnosis that you can do in an individual session, which is of course personalized in every way.

Discussion groups

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