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Video-consultation session

The support can be done 100% by video or alternatively in person (in Berlin) and by video.


A stable internet connection, a webcam and earphones/headphones. If you don't have a webcam, we can use video from your phone. It will be enough to be able to place it in a very stable way.


It's up to you to choose the ideal place for your session: a quiet place, away from noise. I advise you to take a few minutes before your session to prepare your space to make the most of it during our appointment.


The session is done live, one-on-one with me.  Each remote hypnosis session lasts approximately 1 hour and is charged at 70 euros. You are free to pay for your session before or after the event, via bank transfer or PayPal.


  • Have handkerchiefs and a glass of water handy.

  • Put all electronic devices on airplane mode.

  • Make sure you are not disturbed during your session.

Séance en visio-consultation

Office session

A tough session1 hour.

Nevertheless, I recommend that you plan an extra half hour in your agenda following our meeting. 

This allows us to have the flexibility to continue for a few minutes if necessary or to give you a moment of your own before resuming the course of your day.

It is possible to organize ahybrid accompaniment with some video-consultation sessions.

Séance en cabinet
Tarif et réglement

Price and rules

The standard price for a session is 70 euros.

The solidarity rate is 45 euros if you are a health professional, student

or looking for a job.

Payment is made in advance by bank transfer or in cash at the start of the session so that you can devote fully to yourself at the end of the session.

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